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bodytite and Nonsurgical body contouring options

At Vital Aesthetics, we offer several nonsurgical body contouring options including MORPHEUS8 BODY, BodyTite, EVOLVEX, Sculpsure and Accent Prime.  

Our most popular option, BodyTite, is a minimally invasive treatment that can dramatically reduce unwanted fat while tightening loose skin for a rejuvenated look. Using radiofrequency (RF), this innovative body contouring alternative to plastic surgery can target stubborn fat pockets and sagging skin on multiple body areas, including the stomach, legs, back, arms, hips, flanks and more. The result is tighter, firmer skin and a slimmer, leaner profile. The outcomes are simple and effective, with little downtime!

morpheus8 body contouring

Morpheus8 Body combines two powerful aesthetic technologies (RF energy and microneedling) into one effective treatment for both fat destruction and skin tightening.  Working synergistically, the microneedling activates your body's natural healing response to repair and rejuvenate the skin, while the gentle, warming RF energy remodels the deep skin layers and stimulates collagen production. Morpheus8 Body can tighten and firm loose skin while reducing skin imperfections like uneven texture and tone, scars, stretch marks, discoloration, and more. The result is vibrant, healthy, and youthful-looking skin without the long recovery time and scarring risks associated with plastic surgery.

accent prime body cont0uring

Accent Prime combines the latest innovations in Ultrasound and Radio Frequency (RF) technologies to deliver effective, highly customized treatments with natural, long lasting results.  The radio frequency component stimulates collagen to tighten the skin and the ultrasound energy destroys fat cells to contour and slim the body. Accent Prime requires zero downtime and treatments are weekly. 

SculpSure for noninvasive body contouring

SculpSure for noninvasive body contouring to remove stubborn, unwanted fat with no downtime.  Our practitioners offer this cutting-edge laser lipolysis treatment designed to diminish difficult fat near the hips, flanks, double chin, stomach, and thighs — without making an incision. This technology targets and attacks fat cells with heat, helping you to obtain results without surgery or a lengthy recovery period. 

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